Friday, March 28, 2008

Team Hoyt


Mudge said...

That was so emotional and yet uplifting in spirit. I can't imagine how anyone could have the strength to do so much by himself much less with another person in tow. Unconditional love is powerful and amazingly beautiful. What a blessing he is to his son and his son to him. Thanks for posting that inspiration to give us all something to strive for. It doesn't have to be parent to child. There are a lot of people out there handicapped by loneliness to reach out to.

unclejim said...

This should probably be required viewing for anyone about to become a parent. He defines the role unlike any other. No matter how many times you watch a tribute or story about him, you still can't help get teary eyed. One of the easiest thing a person can do is to become a father or mother. Yet, it is easily the toughest job there is. It really is too bad that he is the exception and not the rule.

Aunt Mary said...

Hey T,

I so agree with Jim. We talk so frequently of unconditional love, or the love a parent has for a child, but the Hoyt's are true role models. How many times have you looked for the finish line of a race, thinking that you simply cannot go any further? I cannot imagine the inner strength that the dad must have to do what he does. What a relationship he has built with his son.
We all have struggles. But seeing those of others, including my sweet, brave nephew gives us the opportunity to prioritize our lives, and be grateful for the small things.

I love you so, Mokie.


The Dude said...

Steve, okay man couple things,
i had a small does of empathy for you about a minute ago...or for the last five's over now

but I got a wicked cavity/infection in one of my wisdom teeth (my grandpa's an orthodotist and somehow i hadn't been to the dentist in 8yrs. and i have all my wisdom teeth still)

Anyway, the infection was so bad i could barely open my jaw and every small swallow made my entire face and neck twinge with pain. to make things worse i was supposed to be up at Schweitzer getting drunk and skiing the last two days of the season. Couldn't do either one!!! the HUMANITY!
I got cold sweats, ran a fever and my gums turned black next to my tooth and of course my stubborn self thought my body would just fight it off. well my mom took one whiff of my horrible breath and knew what had happened and my gramps called up and got me a good dose of antibiotics and codeine. Those didn't work for an antire 24 hours.

24 hours people!!

i had tickets to a comedy club. HUGE mistake, laughed and cried with pain the whole time. I had to suck down split pea soup and mashed potatoes...i found if i ate fast the pain would only reach a certain level and then just stay up there instead of cycling up and down.

My mumbling was at an all time high. i was like the Mumbling Yoda, dropping small bits of wisdom through clenched teeth. It was getting so bad I was about to start my own BLOG and steal some of your hits...but that notion quickly went away. All i could think about was zips Papa Joes burgers. Hmmm. yumm. Papa Joes....

So I have no freakin idea how you do it man, and that's my little dose of empathy. They drilled the tooth yesterday and I'm good,
i don't think i could have handled much more of it.

keep it up.


Todd said...

the dude abides man...

Laura said...

I remember seeing this for the first time. . . I couldn't stop crying, and I began running for about 3 weeks. I do confess, it didn't stick. Then I watched it just now . . . same thing happened, so . . . I guess this time I should give it another shot and see if running sticks . . . Reading your cross country running stories gives me an extra incentive. I really enjoy reading all the comments people have written on your blog. I wish we had grown up closer, both proximity and personably. Through your writings, both inspiring and real, I am able to get to know the man you are. To this day, I haven't met a person so utterly loved. It is amazing to feel the loving energy every entry emits. I believe in hope, I have faith in love and I send love to you.

Cousin Laura