Monday, March 24, 2008

Article with UA econ prof

Here is a great article by U of A Econ professor, Dr. Swanson. Dr. Swanson's popularity on campus is hard to describe; people love him so much. He has an incredible ability to explain economics in common sense terms and inspires a passion for the subject in all of his students.



Rye Bread said...

Wow, that is amazing how those things that he predicted were true. Some of the stuff that is mentioned in that article is frightening. Did he ever teach you?

unclejim said...

It was a very good article. There is another good editorial in today's paper about the lack of emphasis on the economy by any of the three presidential candidates. It is pretty scary stuff.

annabelle said...

That was a great article, but it could be summed up in one word "GREED". The mentality of the American people today is, I want everything and I want it now. The government has been a crummy role model. Everyone has their own pet projects whether it makes sense or not.

I don't care if you call it recession, depression or voo doo economics. You can't keep spending when you don't have it. GET US OUT OF THE WAR!!! This week's Newsweek has great articles on the war and left me amazed at what and who are on the American payroll.

Let's get tha U of A prof on the ballot.

Jen said...

i know this will make many of your family members cringe, but if you choose to be a laxcat, you could learn how exciting economics is from this passionate professor. professor swanson was going through chemotherapy when he wrote that book, so he is quite an inspiration. i suspect he will still be teaching in four years, though he did teach steven's ent doctor!