Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sun Devils

It wasn't just bad news for Sun Devil fans this weekend. There was also some good news.


annabelle said...

There was good news and there was bad new today. The bad news was i took another pay cut thanks to the feds. The good news was ASU beat the U in a very good game.(sorry Steve, but i know someone in heaven is celebrating.),This is hard for me to say, but since i love you so much....good luck in the tournament (man that was harder than i thought to say) but i did it .however the U usually chokes in the first couple rounds just like Brophy. I truly hope they do better this year but this will be my first and last time rooting for the cats and only because of you and jen. Liz is a die hard devil fan and even though her brother goes to the U i doubt she'll be pulling for them.She is a true sun devil through and through,
Hope you're feeling better. I know you have a doctor appt, tomorrow, please God all good news.

Goos night, Steve. I hope you have a good one. I love you.

Mudge said...

Steve, you have too much time on your hands and are confusing me flipping through all these different sports. I was confused thinking we were still talking about "March Madness" of which I loyally predicted Gonzaga to take the tournament, but then it wouldn't take my bracket predictions. Someone in cyberspace was laughing at me. I still say, "Go ZAGS!" Jean

Aunt Mary said...

Hey Sweetie,

Just a quick note to tell you how much I missed you this weekend. I did run the 15K in Portland and I am so grateful that you encouraged me to run. Absolutely beautiful. I sure wish you could have been with me.
I hope all goes well at the Dr. My spring break is coming up, and I sure would like to spend some time with you. Maybe some hikes or maybe just sitting and reading looking out at the mountains. I love you so much, moke.

annabelle said...

After reading my last comment, I realized it was little ambiguous. I was referring to basketball only. I don't know how many times Brophy was rated in the top ten and when they played St. Mary's it was always a nail biter. U of A was rated most of the times but took an early lose in the second or third round in March madness. I was not including the other Brophy sports:baseball, football and most certainly no cross country track or lacrosse teams. Sorry Brophy and U of A fans. It was only my assessment of the basketball games, and I'm old...give me a break.

Aunt Mary said...

Hey Babe,

I didn't know where to post this, but I suppose it doesn't matter much. I had to share something with you that has so touched my heart and will allow you to understand just how much your strength and perserverance has affected so many...even individuals you may never know.

As I think I mentioned in an earlier posting, I accompanied a group of seniors on a retreat. I had to give a talk about sacramental love. My reference to this topic was how your challenge had challenged all of us to view life with a different perspective...to value situations and "things" for what they are, and to grasp how the gift of love,family and support truly guide us through what may seem insurmountable. I spoke of your horrific journey, and the kids were more touched and emotional than I have ever seen them. Some of them had you for Econ last summer, others knew Ryan. And while I so tried to remain unemotional....well you know that could never be...I finished very upbeat and asked them to challenge themselves to view life as a gift, imperfect as it may be, but always a gift.

One particular student came up to me after my talk and was very emotional. He told me that he had been dipping for years, and my story touched him so much that he vowed never to dip again. I carry a picture of you running, and I gave it to him that night and he slowly put it in his pocket and walked away

This student came into my office today, head down, and with a shy voice asked me if I had another picture of you because his mom washed his pants and your picture was in his pocket. He further explained that he has not dipped since the night of my talk.

I know things are so tough for you right now. But I wanted you to know the difference your determination has made in the life of a very special kid.

I love so.

Diane said...

Hi Steve,

I want to wish you a very blessed and happy Easter. I hope that you are starting to feel a whole lot better. As always, I can thinking about you and praying for you. I do enjoy being able to blog with you. You actually got me to doing something (blogging) that I had never done on the internet before. Who says that you can't teach old dogs new tricks. As far as March Madness goes, though basketball can certainly be exciting, I am still not into that one. I can't seem to keep all of the teams straight.
Take very good care of yourself. God bless you.


Aunt Diane