Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oral Cancer Awareness Week

Oral Cancer Awareness Week is coming up, April 21-27, and I hope to post information about oral cancer so that people can better understand it. I found this article on, an organization devoted to head and neck cancer.

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This many of of you have seen. It appeared in the Wall Street Journal:

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unclejim said...

I was at the dentist last week and they had a big poster identifying what to look for. Since I never saw your tongue with the lesion, I can't say if your type was on the poster or not. I had read a blurb in Reader's Digest (given to me by someone else, not my normal periodical) that said oral cancer is a special problem in young men your age. Unexplained.

It is difficult not to think it is enviromentally caused in some way. Or. a virus that will be identified.

Take care. My running is being severely curtailed, so the chance of ever beating you has dwindled to zero. And that doesn't make me too sad. I can't wait for you to hit the road. That will be the signal.

By the way, how many of the movies have you made it through? Did you ever watch "Ski Party"? Classic 60's comedy. I love the James Brown appearance, a common thing in movies during that period, to have a musician make a cameo.

Steve said...

This is Jean, down in Tucson, letting you know Steven was tested for HPV and does not have it, so it's still unknown how he got this cancer.