Sunday, March 16, 2008

NCAA Tournament

I thought it would be fun to have a tournament pool for everyone who reads the blog. Anyone is welcome to join.

You just need to go to here and set up a user id and password.

Then go here to join the Mighty Ducks group. The group name is Mighty Ducks. The group abbreviation is mightyducks, and the group password is gordon_bombay.

I think that should do it. If not let me know, but I think it should be easy with the information I have given you to join the group. If people have better suggestions then just post them under the comments.


Steve said...

if you can't get to the group try this:

Steve said...

The other option if you can't get things to work is to send me your email address, and I will send you and invitation to join the group.

Dop said...

T- I need you to send me the invitation.

annabelle said...

Happy St. Patrick's day to all the irish and to all the irish wannabes.

How did the broncos do against gonzaga? Your cousins,aunts and uncles and especially your grandmother are proud of you, Ryan.

It was great seeing you, T. Your smile melts my heart. I love you.

Jeffrey Coltin said...

Jeff here-Ryan's friend.

Great idea with the tournament pool, Ryan and I are pumped.

Sadly, the website is confusing the hell out of me, so please send me an invitation at


unclejim said...

No can do. Any tournament that took 1,2,3,4,6 and 7 from the Pac 10 and left out number 5 holds no interest for me.

It is a joke with a decision process rivaled only by that of the Pac 10 refs.

And all of you U fans, don't bother with your explanations. I have heard them all ad nauseum. Unjustifiable, pure and simple.

Sorry, Steven,

Your curmudgeon uncle,Jim

Rye Bread said...

can youinvite me,it sas that I am not authorized to join. my email is Love you!

Danny King said...
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Danny King said...

For everyone having problems, follow these steps:

1. Create a Login
2. Login
3. Click on Fantasy Tab
4. On the right side of the page half way down there is a heading "League Access". Click on the link under this heading (it says Trying to join a league and haven't received an invite via email? Click here.)
5. Under Sport, select Mayhem
6. Under League Abbreviation, enter: mightyducks
7. Under password, enter: gordan_bombay
8. Enter the password again
9. Fill out bracket

Hopefully that helps, although I am disappointed in the current Brophy students who couldn't figure it out.


Steve said...

Good call Dan. It doesn't look like those fancy tablets are doing much for computer literacy.

Rye Bread said...

kids these days!

Danny King said...

We need more participants in the pool. Cardardy (not sure about the spelling, I've also seen Cardardie, but the "ie" seems a little less manly) pride and bragging rights on this blog are the main prize. A win in this pool might look pretty good on young man's application to becoming an official Cardardy. So Patrick, Scott, Mickey, Ryan, and Griffin should have extra motivation.

Danny King
Vice-Cardardy in Charge of Member Recruitment and Development

lking said...


I enjoyed you good humor, but I sure don't understand how you got such a high powered title. I think you have to be voted in to such a position. But you are doing such a good job.....Steven, Billy, Ted, your thoughts?

Love and kisses to you Steven and Jenny! Hope your days are a bit brighter these days...

Love you forever...

Steve said...

The way things usually work with the Cardardies is whoever is the strongest (can beat everyone else up) holds all the power. (This puts me at an obvious disadvantage.) My guess is that Dad Danny can still take all of us. Although out of pride I give Billy a fighting shot. Maybe this is why Danny used the term "Vice" when referring to himself?

Just my thoughts.

Danny King said...

Steve is right. The business structure of the Cardardies is similar to that of a Fortune 500 company. We are a particularly flat organization with a decentralized division of power. Billy is the CEO, although the talk among the board of directors is that his lack of enthusiasm and effort towards the organization could result a demotion. Steve, Teddy, and I remain as VP's each in charge of different parts of the organization. Patrick as proven very valuable as an intern. His ability to make the coffee with just the right amount of cream has made his invaluable. If he keeps it up he may work himself into an entry level Cardardie.