Friday, March 21, 2008

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day: "This isn't Carmen San Diego. This is the University of San Diego." -- CBS Sports Announcer.

I wish I was playing Where in the World is Carmen San Diego right now. Of course I can't download it because it is not compatible with Windows Vista. I checked and The Oregon Trail is also not compatible with Vista. Good work Bill Gates. For those of you interested:

Carmen San Diego

The Oregon Trail

Both have dowload options.


Bethany said...

Oregon Trail is no good unless it's old school green and black anyway. I bet Snood is compatible with Vista. Not quite the same but still fun!

Steve said...

Jean here wishing you all a Happy Easter who are visiting Steven's blog today. It's beautiful weather in Phoenix and I wish you were all able to be here enjoying it with us. Steven is still not able to enjoy a holiday feast, but we're hoping next weekend when (cousin) Ellen and Pat are back from Thailand he may be that much closer to swallowing. The CT scan is Tuesday so pray for good news. Enjoy this day.