Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the Manos Cavalry's 3rd consecutive victory

Here is a message from Kevin Lybarger, Steven's teammate and friend from Seattle U:

"Manos Cavalry claimed its third straight victory this year at the Spokane to Sandpoint relay race, beating the competition by 45 minutes. The team had some excellent performances this year. Mikey (Mickey according to the race announcer) and Carlos each ran two sets of legs totaling 35-40 miles. Todd and Dave ran strong and even biked along several runners during the night sections. Alex (Matt's girlfriend) ran amazing and showed us yet again that she could have made an excellent cross country runner. Kelly destroyed the competition in the time trial, beating the 2nd place girl by 3 minutes. Floppy ran great, including a leg in a pair of full length long underwear in 85 degree heat. Matt ran the fastest he has ran since college. I took on Doomsday hill again and am ready to do it again next year.

A great time was had by all. Steve would have loved it.

Go Hawks!"

Guam Dave to Floppy (Nathan)

Floppy to Todd


Carlos to Alex


Floppy and Carlos

This year's team: Nathan Heitzinger, Kevin Lybarger, Dave Neilsen, Carlos Siqueiros,
Todd Nishida, Kelly Fullerton, Alex, Matt Blaine, Michael Hughes

And here is the SU magazine article written last year about the Manos Cavalry:

Steven certainly would love it.

Amie and I attended the first race two years ago with a slightly different subset of the entire Cavalry. The love and respect these teammates and friends share is beyond words. Steven was blessed to have such wonderful friends, and fortunately, he knew it.


Mudge said...

That is just so awesome! Thanks for posting that Jenny. You're right, Steve had the greatest friends, and girlfriend, for sure, and he loved you all.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Steven-
We miss you so much.
Aunt Lynnie

Anonymous said...

Jenny, thanks for sharing the email as well as the SU article. I think the way that the Manos Cavalry honor and remember Steve is so very special. Congrats on another win.

Peace be with you, Kerrie

Mudge said...

I am thankful for the 26 years I had with Steven, and that he left us Jenny. I am thankful for my wonderful husband, children, extended family, and friends. I hope everyone who visits this blog is blessed with happiness this season. Jean

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see this is being kept open and alive.

Kerrie said...

Just was thinking of Steve at the anniversary of his passing. I hope the Manos family continues to find peace in their daily lives and takes comfort in knowing that the many people Steve graced with his presence still think of him. Summertime always makes me reflect on our (Amie and myselfs) carefree days of high school and college. With that brings to mind many wonderful stories some of which undoubtly have Steve in them.

Much Love, Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Bro!!!!
Miss ya buddy!