Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Updates to Steven's blog

We will post updates of events held or to be held in Steven's honor, and we hope you continue to share your thoughts.

A direct link to his "Memory" post is above, under his name; we hope you share stories or any random thoughts of Steven as they come to you. Any little thought or story we hear about him makes this difficult time a bit more bearable for us, and we hope by putting your thoughts of him into words it brings you comfort, as well.


Bill said...

Thanks to all of you who donated the tree.

I love and miss you, Moke.

lking said...

I also thank everyone. Granada Park was a favorite park of all the cousins. The Manos family had many family picnics there....skating, bike riding, softball games and feeding the ducks. Poppie aways called it "Duck Park".

As we cherish the old memories, I look forward to new memories; decorating Steven's tree for the holidays, writing notes, and feeling Steven's presence.

Love and Peace to all,

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to attend the tree planting service, and it truly was inspirational. I spent so many times at that park watching Steve pound through a run with that incredible determination on his face, and than watch him tenderly run Linds in when as she stated "she was hoping to get bit by a rattlesnake so she didn't have to finish the race." He was so in his element, but Steve liked to win.....I loved that about him.

As I drove back to work, I thought, too, about what Fr. O'Grady said about instances and people and things being sacramental. Simple signs of God's presence. I have decided that my coping mechanism, at least for now, will be the small things. Steve's tree....being privledged to seeing the beautiful smile of Ryan on campus, so Stevenish, and to witness the unending love and support of our family and friends. It is in all of these things that I take comfort in knowing that Steve is somewhere where they needed him more....Until then.....I love you, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of your family, especially at this Thanksgiving time. You are in our thoughts and prayers always.
Thank you for sharing about the tree planting. I always thought of Steve as loving the outdoors and loving all activites outdoors....a tree in a park...yes..sacramental.
Mary N.

lking said...

Hey Baby,

Today is the second anniversary of Poppie's passing. Even though I woke up sad, I rejoice that you and Poppie are together. I find huge comfort in that.

I see Poppie in my boys everyday that I see them. The other day I went to spend some time with Makenna, and when I walked in the living room, your cousin Danny was singing "You are my sunshine" to Makenna, trying to get her to sleep. I know that Poppie, at one point or another, held everyone of you kids and sang that song. So his legacy lives on in a thousand different ways-as your's does.

When you were sick, I could look into your eyes, and see Poppie when he was sick. Your gentle spirit, your intelligence, you caring nature, and good humor, were all the qualities that you shared....and of course your name.

I am going to try to make this a joyous day, instead of a sad day, because you and Poppie are living each day with us, and spending your internal life together before us. I love you Babe-I hope you and Poppie have some popcorn and cokes greatest love to you both!

lking said...

P.S. Meant to type eternal life, not internal......sorry...

Amie said...

We made it through Thanksgiving without Jenny or Steven by our sides. They were thought about a lot, of course. Jenny was with her family in Idaho, and we were at Frank and Jane's cabin in Pinetop with the Novaks. Ideally, it happened to snow all day Thursday. It was the PERFECT tonic to what I thought would be a difficult day. Everyone made it special, and the snow made it wonderous. Mary brought up the first season of Heroes and we spent 3 days going for runs bundled up, hers long, mine short, so we would not feel guilty spending the rest of the day eating and watching marathon couch potato TV. It would've been Steve's perfect long weekend. Happy Holidays to all who visit here.
P.S. I hate to mention this because it is too disturbing to write about, but Steven's tree was uprooted from the park and walked away with someone. The plaque is in the process of being made, and the tree will be replaced when it is finished. It was obviously someone's special tree since Jenny had hung his picture on it and we had notes to him with flowers below it. It looked like a little Christmas tree that I can only hope is making someone "merry and bright." I loved going there and will again soon. Jean